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Christmas tree 09

christmas tree 09

christmas tree 09

christmas tree 09

This year for our Christmas tree, we wanted to have a stick tree again like last year, but this time we wanted a more natural looking one, rather than white. Not sure how we would go about creating such a tree, one day my mum discovered willow branches at the supermarket of all place, which happened to be the perfect thing. More pics on flickr.


Daydream Lily said...

what a good idea for a tree, very creative! I like the white that you had last year too.

tabitha said...

thanks :)

Al said...

Tabitha i'm planning on stalking you out at finders keepers on Saturday, just wondering if you will have a copy of the bubble picture with the girl with glasses blowing them... Coz im sorta in love with it and really need it. But ill buy it online if you wont have it there sat?

My email is alyssataskers@hotmail.com
could you please let me know!

Thanks AL :)

Tracey said...

That is such a beautiful tree!! Wonderful indeed, puts my green plastic one to shame! ;)