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End of year exhibition




Well tonight was my end of year exhibition, at Tafe. It's weird to think its all over now. I took a few photos before the crowds poured in (there were so many people there, it was amazing). The top picture is of me with some of the girls from my class (you might noticed, I have dyed my hair red!!) . The middle picture is my banner, which I was exhibiting on the night. And the last shot is of some pretty decals on the windows, which I thought were quite cute. There was some amazing work on display, very inspiring.
Also amazingly enough, the Forth Thread zine showed up in the nick of time and we were able to give a stack away for free.


Jess Stafford said...

It was a great night. Your banner was awesome Tabs, you should def be proud :D

PseudoRhys said...

Hey Tabitha, the night looked like it was going to be a blast. I dropped through but didn't spot you or your mag anywhere :(
Hope you had a great night, and to spot your mag somewhere in Newtown to buy in the next week.

tabitha said...

Thanks Jess. :) It was an amazing night, never seen tafe look so good.

PseudoRhys, we were wandering around handing them out, if you want one just email me and I can sell you one direct :)


wendy said...

Brilliant work Tabi, love your banner, so proud of you:)
Mumi xox

tabitha said...

awww thanks mum :)