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oh christmas tree (part 2)

If you cast your mind back to November, to this post. About my Christmas tree idea. Well.. here's the story and how it turned out.

You see, it all started when I had some spare bird cage decorations that I had made, and I wanted a way to display them. I remembered seeing in a shop, they used sticks/twigs to display jewelery, and I thought, hey! that could look good to hang my decorations on. But... Where would one buy a stick tree??
Then... an Ikea cataloge arrived one day, and on the front cover they had a bunch of white sticks hanging from the ceiling with Christmas baubles hanging on it. I ran about the house pointing at it to everyone, trying to convince them it was a cool idea.
Suddenly, these stick trees start popping up all over the place, it was like I had predicted a trend.
Perhaps its a common subconscious trend due to the financial crisis, we are going for an economical tree. Or maybe its environmental, rather than chopping down a poor tree, just pick up sticks off the ground. Whatever it is, its popular.

Well enough explanation, here is my tree:
I bought one twig from a gift store, the rest I made myself by painting sticks white.


Gracie said...

Your stick tree is beautiful! I love it! I wish I had one now. Those presents looks gorgeous underneath as well. Plus I love your bird cage decorations! Beautiful!

Sam said...

That stick tree is very attractive, Nostradamus! :)

tabitha said...

thank you both :)