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Korean paper company 'O-check design graphics'

Yesterday I went to a paper shop in Bondi Junction and picked up this gorgeous little note book. Which is also inspiring for my new collection, which is still in the works.

I looked the company that designed the book up on the net, and found they are a Korean paper company, called O- Check Graphic Design, and they make some lovely paper goods. They seem to be up with the trends. It seems kind of funny to see lots of Paris inspired paper goods on a Korean website.





mads said...

These are so cute! I went to the site and they have cool stamp sets as well. I think the french thing comes from the zakka movement, which is also really popular here in Japan x

Bronwyn said...

I have a fabric covered O-Check diary that I love which I bought from an online store based in Melbourne, http://notemaker.com.au their brick & mortar store is called "The Source". I visit whenever I am in town.

tabitha said...

i will have to look into the zakka movement, mads.
Thanks for the tip Bronwyn, i was wondering if there was anywhere else local that you can buy their stuff

Courtney said...

oh glorious notebook, now i need some new stationary lol

Gracie said...

I love this design! I too also look on the notemaker.com.au website and buy a few things.

There's another website I have just found called telegram.net.au

I love your blog =)

Natalie said...

Oh I bought some of these products from the NGV shop when we were in Melbourne as gifts for my mum and sisters. They're adorable!

Anonymous said...

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