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Oh deer! I have been tagged

Well the lovely Sam of Matou en Peluche has tagged me. Now this tagging game involves me blogging about the sixth image in my sixth folder and then proceeding to tag another six people. Now one would think, this would be pretty straight forward, but if you had ever found yourself in the deep stray forests of my computer filing system, if you can even call it a system, you would realise that this is not as simple as it may sound.
So I opened my documents, ok 6th file. Well it turns out the 6th file is called 'Ipod'. And it happens to contain 50 empty folders. Well that was fun. Lets try a new tactic...
So, new tactic.. now surely if I start in 'My Pictures' I will find a suitable image. So I open 'My pictures', and the 6th folder is 'fonts'. Not looking good. And sure enough the folder is full of, you guessed it, fonts. 'Why is there a folder full of fonts in 'my pictures'?' I ask myself.

I know! Scrap the PC, I have a new macbook, its all fresh and hasn't yet been infected by the digital equivalent of my handbag (which happens to be full of old receipts, crumbs, squashed stuff, rubbish, wrappers etc)

So I open up my mac, open the pictures folder, and the 6th folder is 'stock images'. It seems we are in luck. The 6th image was this one...

Which actually happens to be related to something else I was intending to write about.. my new collection.
One day I was looking at my mums stock image folder and caught a glimpse of some deer pictures and it got my attention. I asked where they came from and she showed me the etsy seller she bought the images from Shaving Kit. And she said I could use them if I want.
This inspired me to work on a new ' forest/ woodland' inspired range of purses and art.

And here ladies and gentlemen is the first design off the press:

Now available in store. Stay tuned for more on this range

And now beware fellow bloggers for it is now my turn to tag you, I do hope you have better like finding your 6th image contained in the 6th folder, than I did.
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Sam said...

Very nice indeed! I'm so enjoying your new set of images and designs - very pretty! I think they'll be a real hit! :)