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Advent calendar blog- DAY 6

I'm working at the shops tonight (Thursday night shopping), I bet the Salvation Army band will be playing right next to our store, they do it every year during December. It makes it hard to hear the customers, but it does create a Christmasy atmosphere to the shops, which is hard to achieve when it is a hot summer night.

Todays item, is art by Fifi Lapin.
I adore her work, she clothes her bunny in the latest fashions, so cute :)


cant tell time said...

Love love love your site! New to blogging, WHere on earth do you find these adorable and talented artists? Also, I am asuming that you like cupcakes? I adore cupcakes. Check these out, they're perfections! http://store.roseandradish.com/product-exec/product_id/1550/nm/Wetter_Indochine_Cupcake_Bowl_Small

tabitha said...

gorgeous cupcakes, thanks for sharing. I find most artists on etsy.com or deviantart.com but also occasionally come across artists at random :)