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Advent calendar blog- DAY 5

Todays item-

This artist is a bit like me, i love collecting random little objects and trinkets. I'm always trying to display my little treasures but run out of space.
Here is some background:
'One day...not very long ago, I began pulling a bunch of trinkets together and arranged them on our too tiny coffee table, and then left them there for days because I didn't want to put them away, but a little problem I have is running out of space and then piling and piling, to the point where I can't find anything, and then all I do is spend time looking for this or that, so I decided to photograph them, so that I wouldn't forget what they looked like together.

The process has become a way for me to remember what I have and to reminisce about what I was doing...where I was...and how I felt at the time I made their discovery.'

Mouches pour bal, $25 by Lush Bella

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