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Typographic heaven





I was looking at a blog I follow today, and decided to check out their blog roll, to see if they had any good recommendations, and I stumbled upon this amazing site, typographic posters, which is just full of amazing typographic posters! and being a big fan of typography I was rather excited :)


blue eyed night owl said...

These are gorgeous, although I have to admit I can't decypher the third one. I'll check out the link too.

tabitha said...

I think its where typography becomes art rather than needing to be read

flattery said...

I'm so in love with your blog. I spent all last night reading through it, and totally neglected my homework unfortunately. I love all your illustrations :)

Anyways, I definitely like the first in this post the best. Cute.


tabitha said...

Thanks Flattery :) Glad you enjoy my blog, hope you still get your h/w done.

Brendan said...

That stones poster is so good. I've been pretty into that kind of type treatment / layout aesthetic lately.