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super vintage find



I went to reverse garbage in Sydney today. Its only about a 10min drive from my place, but I havn't been in a while. I discovered these awesome vintage glasses there. Some where just frames and others had glass in them. AND they were only $1 each!!! I was so excited and bought a few. (who wouldn't at that price)


Lightning Heart said...

ooooooh what a great find! i'd like to get some vintage frames done up with my perscription lenses, if only the lenses weren't so expensive!

[thanks so much for your help :)
i'm currently doing up my letter to them and hopefully i'll get a good response, fingers crossed!]

tabitha said...

good luck :)

Sam said...

Reverse Garbage! I can't believe I still haven't been there - I think I'm the last person on earth to not go!! Fantastic finds!!

Ally Moschini said...

they are gorgeous...good find!!!

tabitha said...

yeah i was super excited. and at only $1!! crazy

Anonymous said...

wow...great find!