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poor bunny


I wanted to make a new gocco print design today, so I drew up this cute little bunny in a tea cup. I then when to create the gocco screen, the machine wouldn't work :( What will I do with my poor little bunny now.
I hope I can fix the gocco, I really want to use it. If anyone knows anything about Gocco printers and might be able to advise whats wrong, your help would be greatly appreciated.


bianca stella xox said...

sorry i can't help with the gocco thing, but that drawing is the sweetest. hope you work it out!

Anonymous said...

1) change your batteries (maybe the existing ones are flat)
2) swipe the base of the bulbs on a piece of paper to clean contacts (I'm sure you remembered to use new bulbs)

tabitha said...

yeah thanks, i tried new batteries, and yes i have new bulbs. is it possible for bulbs to be faulty?

Anonymous said...

hmm, yes they could be faulty but its unlikely, that both would go together, I have had the rare misfire when one hasn't worked, but never both.
It is more likely to be a contact somewhere. On my PG-11 you can also put the bulb flash-unit in the wrong way round (not so on my PG-5).
But other than that I'm stumped.
good luck

tabitha said...

thanks susan, i got my bro to test the electric currents, and the machne was fine, its definatly the bulbs. we shook them hard and in the end one bulb worked, the other didnt :( so weird to have two faulty bulbs. i sure learnt something today

Steph said...

Oh! No idea about the machine, but that bunny is adorable!

mandapanda said...

So cute!! I love your new bunny! It would make a beautiful embroidery!!!
Hope your machine starts working again soon!

Miss Minx said...

I was curious, could I embroider this? I would credit you and link people to your blog too:)