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And the winner is...



I know there are random generators online for these kind of things, but nothing beats the old fashion 'pull a name out of a hat' although, rather than a hat, I put all the names in the tea cup and got a little help from my plastic deer.
Well, a big thank you to all the amazing comments on my little giveaway, I wish you could all win, but of course there can only be one winner.. and this time it was Ruth Morrison!! congrats. I shall contact you shortly :)
Hope all the Aussies are having a wonderful Australia Day :)


mandapanda said...

What a gorgeous tea cup you used!!! well done Ruth, you lucky girl you!

Ruth Morrison said...

I absolutely love the name-drawing process and am utterly thrilled that your cute little deer found my name in that sweet teacup! Thanks again Tabitha!

tabitha said...

Thank you, and congrats Ruth :)

Ruth Morrison said...

I received the gorgeous prizes from your giveaway & I totally love them! My girlie friends are oohing & aahing appropriately over them...thankyou so much!
I posted about them today & also showcased some of your bird purses which inspired some card creations of mine...http://moltopiccolo.wordpress.com/2010/01/31/life-as-a-bird/
Ruth x