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Bunny love

Bunny biscuits from Unicorn diaries

bunny tea
Tea for two, from Vintage Portalen

Good Morning bunny by Nery Soul

This guy is soo adorable, I want one!

I did a bit of bunny research for my bunny in a tea cup, and now I'm in love with rabbits, they are just so adorably cute. So be warned, more rabbit inspired works may follow.


Anonymous said...

They are so adorable and cute. Rabbits make excellent pets too!
I had a lovely rabbit called Tristan who would come to the back door when I called his name. Unfortunately little Tristan had burrowed his way into the wrong garden..enough said!
Love your pictures :)
Jenny (jjbd on Twitter)

sodapop said...

so cute! and I love the teapot. thank you for make me smile ;)

Jennifer Katherine said...

Veeery sweet :)