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New Inventors

The New Inventors Title sequence from Tabitha Patterson on Vimeo.

If you live in Australia, you may have seen the tv show 'The new Inventors' on the ABC. Well last year, our teacher set us the task of designing a new title sequence for the show. We didnt have to animate it, but I decided to flex the old flash skills and have a go at animating it. And finally a year later, with a better understanding of preparing video for web, I have now got it up online :)

Its all about invention, and solving problems by inventing.


deciphertheday said...

Hello- this little animation is amazing! :-)

tabitha said...

thank u :)

Madelynn Holmes said...

wow that's so great! i'd like to get into animation :)

tabitha said...

its lots of fun, but very time consuming

art4friends said...

:O did you get like 100%??

super work Tabi, as always.

Best of luck with the portfolio. Can't wait to see it all done..

I am reallllllly thinking of going to enmore next year. What do you think??


Renee x

tabitha said...

oh enmore is awesome, lots of hard work though, but ive learnt heaps