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the finders keepers

Its been a long and exhausting weekend, my mum and I had our first ever market stall, at 'The Finders Keepers' market. Talk about leaping in the deep end, it was a very busy market. A truly great experience, and lots of wonderful feedback. Everyone was so friendly and there was some gorgeous art and design around.

A big thank you to everyone who came to see us, we really appreciate it :)

(My mum and I, before the onslaught)

finders keepers 1

Our stall, on Friday night.

Setting up, Saturday.

finders keepers 3

finders keepers 2







Just to show you how busy it was, and the very cool old building it was held in (the markets are held at the CarriageWorks in Sydney) ...

finders keepers


Sam said...

Gosh! It's HUGE! I'm so sorry I didn't make it - it looks as though it was very busy which is terrific! Your stall looks very pretty!

Anonymous said...

hello fellow stall holder! i loved your stall! sorry i didn't say hi, i was a bit bombarded. been meaning to buy something from you. will do so via internet. wynona x
great blog by the way, gorgeous.

Cate Holst said...

I went to the markets and saw your lovely stall although their were too many people to even get close! I hope you did well... it certainly looked that way anyway!

tabitha said...

hi wynona,thank you :) i know it was super busy, didnt get to look around much either.

Alex. said...

Your stall looks great! I was going to make the trip down but it didn't happen, but the markets are coming to Bris for the first time this year so I'm pretty excited!!