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The year (08) at a glance


At the beginning of 2008, I set some loose goals and things to look forward to (link) .
It's interesting now to look back and see how the year panned out. It's been another unpredictable and interesting year and I have learnt a lot of new things.

I started my graphic design course at Tafe, Enmore Design Centre. Which I have really enjoyed and have learnt a lot from. It has also turned me into a Mac fan, and I ended up buying a mac book pro, which I really love. Also the Mac store opened here in Sydney this year, which just added to the whole Mac experience.

(examples of tafe work)

This year I have also met a lot of new creative people, those from Tafe, friends of friends and a few fellow etsians (including discovering one of my Tafe teachers sold on etsy). Meeting so many creative people has really inspired me and made me feel more part of the creative community here in Sydney.

Then there was the big event of moving house, which really consumed our entire year. And was probably the most significant event, as we left the area I grew up in and the house we had lived in for over 15 years. It meant huge clean ups and throwing a lot of stuff out, as it would seem you build up a lot of possessions in 15 years especially when it is the early years of your life and you are growing up.
It also meant spending many weekends driving into the city looking at houses. And of course much anticipation in the hope of selling our own (we held our breathe ever time the phone rang)

(a photo I took of the view, on one house hunting trip)
(packing, ready to leave)

Well in September we finally got out, but only to rent, as we were unable to sell. It was a big move, but we are so happy where we are now. Though it has taken some adjustment from suburban life and constant long commuting, to city life and it being so easy to get everywhere. Not that I am complaining, I love it, but it is different, I got to learn the ways of Sydney buses, which are way more efficient than suburban buses.
(The day of the move)
(My new room)

Moving house also meant leaving behind my old casual job, which I had for 4 years. It was sad to leave, as my boss was lovely and I got on so well with the girls there. But after a month after moving I managed to get a new job at Spotlight (a fabric store), which has been good.

As for my business, things have been doing really well. I registered my business officially, so I have an Australian business number now. I also set up my website and got a domain name (http://tabithaemma.com) . It still needs work done on it, but it is a start.
My sales also picked up this year, I am just about averaging a sale a day now, which is great :) Especially considering I was worried I would struggle to keep up with it once i started studying.
I also got to sell my work through a market this year, and I am hoping to do a market myself in the coming year.
(Doing some fabric painting, making bird cage bag)

This year I have also discovered some new loves. After doing some photography at Tafe and also meeting a few photographers, and buying a camera, I have grown a love for photography. But not just for the photos also for vintage cameras, I have now acquired a vintage Polaroid camera and a box brownie.
Speaking of vintage, I also got a vintage typewriter this year, which I love.

(some photography fun)

(some photography fun)

(some more photography fun)

(My wonderful typewriter)

In all its been quite an eventful year, and I have quite enjoyed it. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of it.