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Collaged Journals



I love collaged journals like these, I'd love to start my own. It's one of those things I always intend to do, but never get round to it.


Color Collective said...

me too! so inspiring though, i might actually commit this time :)

chamelia said...

Lovely but so time consuming. I tend to only journal in this way when I am traveling on holiday. That way I use my down time in the hotel, etc to paste in tickets, cut outs from brochures and such as pasting fodder. x

Tash said...

these are beautiful ♥

andrea said...

I love this sort of thing. The only downside is the amount of boxes full of papers that I accumulate.

Sarah said...

I wanna do one myself! Tried but absolutely failed. lol

Artpixie said...

Id really love to do sometihng like this but it seems so time consuming.
Maybe on the holidays.

pumkyn said...

I agree, these are extremely beautiful and creative! I too have wished to make one...I sort of started one with just post-its, but I've trouble keeping it up to date.