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On Tuesday night, I went shopping at Bondi Junction, as I was after some ear muffs. As I was walking along, a glimpsed a shop sign that said 'Typo' The typography lover in me got all stupidly excited and quickly drawn towards the store to find out what they had inside. I discovered it to be a nice new stationary shop, and seeing how much I love paper goods I went in and had a good look. Turns out this shop is an off shoot of 'Cotton On' (a chain clothing store), and I know I should be supporting more independent stores rather than big chains, but stationary just does something to me. Anyway, I picked up this cool ampersand mug for just $5 and they packaged it in this lovely brown cardboard box (top image).

While on the topic of paper, I decided to clean all the paper stuff I had stuffed under my bed today. Seems I horde an awful lot of bits of paper and paper goods, all in the name of art I say!
Don't worry, I didn't throw anything away, I just sorted it, so it wasn't such a mess.

Oh how I love thee paper.




Lars said...

Typo has some really cool stuff! its part of Cotton On

Tali Schiffer said...

Love it!
I have to say, I don't usually comment on your posts, but that's not to say I don't visit or check them out, cause I do, and I love your blog :)
Just so you know...

Beau said...

Wow looks cool! I love typgrapy lover as well and I got some letterstamps for my birthday, I'm putting it on everything possible!

Artpixie said...

I get all hyped up for stationary too. I just found your blog, it's amazingggggggggg.

tabitha said...

Hello Tali, thanks :) nice to see who my readers are.

Artpixie! I have been follow your blog for a while, such gorgeous photography!!

Seems a lot of people get excited over stationary, funny how something as simple as paper can excite people so much

Daydream Lily said...

I love stationary...and pretty bits of paper... you can never have enough of either!!

Kelly said...

I stumbled across it when I was dragged down to the ghosttown that is the Melb Docklands.
I felt a little bit guilty when I found out it was a Cotton On branch, but I seriously just loved the place.
I actually went nuts - a mug, magazines holders, laptop sleeve, wall decal etc etc.
Can't wait to get back to it to be honest :)

tabitha said...

haha, yes Kelly. it seems they came up with a very clever concept, to make us stationary lovers weak

p.s LOVED your disband work!!

cutlex said...

You're not alone. I love paper. And tearing paper. <33