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I love Finders Keepers

Finders Keepers market never ceases to inspire me. I went on the weekend to check out all the stalls and find a pressie for my mum. I feel in love with these amazing hand made mushrooms that had been made to decorate the market. Makes me want to just sit and do craft all day.
There were also so many amazing stalls and everyone did amazing jobs with their stall displays. The whole vibe was just wonderful, if only I had more money to spend.


Away with the fairy's said...

Those are the cutest things i have ever seen! i want one so much!have they a website or anything?


tabitha said...

i know they are soo cute! the wiebsite is http://thefinderskeepers.com/ but they arn't selling the mushrooms, they were only for display sadly.

Anonymous said...

Oooh the mushrooms are amazing! Do you know who made them? The combination of fabric and crochet is so effective. Feeling homesick for Sydney and it's craftiness right now!

tabitha said...

they were made in a crafting bee before the market, so i think there would have been quite a few people making them

Nedda Ebo said...

Haha these are so cute!!

Mustart x

Sarah said...

Hi Ladies! Sarah from Finders Keepers here! Thanks for all the lovely comments, and thanks Tabitha for your post on Finders Keepers :) Just to let you know the mushies will be available for sale! We are going to get them all ready soon and sell them on Etsy or at Winterland (next event at CarriageWorks) we'll make sure to keep you updated!
Michelle McCosker from Reef Knot http://byreefknot.net/home/ was responsible for the wonderful installations and we ran a few crafty bees before the event to get them all made!

Anonymous said...

those are so cute! I wish I was crafty.