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How could I forget??? I haven't shared what I did for Finders Keepers yet! I was asked to design their logo and business card for their own label 'Find Me, Keep Me' Which is the name they now sell their own products under. I tried to get photos of the banner at their market stall the other weekend, but everytime I tried to get a photo someone (or many someones) would stand in the way. The bottom photo was the best I could do, If you where at the market, you may have caught a glimpse.
Oh and I love their cushions, as pictured. So pretty, and printed on such gorgeous vintage floral fabric!!


Chic Mother and Baby said...

Ive had a quite a few of my blog followers tell me how much they love your work via facebook, blog and email!

Away with the fairy's said...

Oh wow those cushions are lovely! i want them for my room! :)