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Vinage florals

Charles Fredrik

Blooming tea, Jula Mint


Laura Gommans

I'm really loving old vintage floral patterns (you know the grandma type) at the moment, I wish I could find some nice cheap vintage floral fabric, because its much prettier than the new stuff.


nice-etc.com / caitlin said...

i have always been drawn to florals it seems..i love seeing how my taste evolves. years ago i don't think i would have ever imagined myself seeking out floral farbrics from the early 90s! can't get enough of them..

tabitha said...

yeah its funny how tastes change

Tatiana Landim said...

I also like and prefer old vintage floral patterns. good pictures. kisses

Daydream Lily said...

I have heaps of vintage floral fabric. I collect it. Get most of it from secondhand stores. I actually don't sew anymore so unsure what I will use it all for.

tabitha said...

oh liss! your so lucky. I have a few bits that my grandma gave me, but i am running out, and wondering where id find more. ill have to scour some second hand stores then.