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shes back


Alice is back! If you recall, I lost the original file of this illustration. But after many painstaking hours of re-doing the illustration, Alice is back. Slightly different, but essentially the same girl. It's not easy to repeat a drawing!

And now you can buy her too..


Al said...

I love her and cannot wait to add her to my Tabitha wall! :)

tabitha said...

:) u have a tabitha wall? aww i feel special now

Lulu said...

yayyy!!!! i'm re-doing my room and she would lovely in it =] don't know when i'll have time to buy her (or any of your other lovely things) but i'm excited!

postcards from dreamland

red bamboo said...

Congrats on getting Alice 'back'!

Claudia said...

Oh this is soooo lovely :) I love the background and the wonderful detail in the hair.. wow.. this is amazing :) Magical work :)