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5 years ago I wrote a letter to myslef, not to be opened until 5 years later i.e now. And now I can't find it!! I'm sure I put it in that years diary, but after much hunting I can't work out where it is.

Perhaps in another 5 years time I will discover it.

Though I can't remember what I wrote, thinking back on expectations and dreams then, I am sure things have turned out quite differently to how I expected... It's even better.

Hunting for pictures of letters, has reminded me how much I love letters, email seems to have killed that rather wonderful experience of getting beautiful handwritten letters filled with little drawings, photos, stickers and glitter. The kind of letters you cherish forever. I doubt anyone cherishes emails.

Anyone what to send me a letter in the mail? I promise to write back :)

p.s my mum has a little giveaway on her blog . I am considering doing my own giveaway soon.


Al said...

Hand written letters and postcards are the best.

The whole email thing takes out everything personal.

Whenever people go places i ask (DEMAND) that postcards or letters are sent. I recieved one from Poland this week- it was a letter and a postcard in a sparkly card! It was the best!!

I would love to send you a letter! email me your address and ill get writing :)

(alyssataskers @ hotmail.com)

Sophie Isobel Designs said...

I just adore handwritten letters and have just set up my little letter writing desk filled with stationery for a year full of letter writing. I would just love to send you a letter. Just email me your address :)
Sophie x


I would love to send you a letter! I've gotten into the habit recently, it's so wonderful! There is nothing better than opening up your letter box and finding a letter from a friend!
If e-mail me your address I'll send you something sweet!


Amand Fuller said...

I LOVE sending handwritten letters (even though I have terrible handwriting)and try to send an unexpected one to a friend each month! I also correspond with my Grandparents this way and I think they appreciate the fact that I take the time to do it!

I'd love to send you a letter! Just email me your address.

PS I also love receiving them ;)

tabitha said...

yay! this is exciting, you are all wonderful :) emailing my address..

Ally Moschini said...

Written letters are so romantic..(sigh)i try and do it as often as i can!!! bring back the pen pals i say :)

Kerry said...

I would also love to write you a letter! How fun!

Email me your address :)

kerry18 [at] bigpond dot net dot au

REread said...

that's funny ... i do that all the time, put stuff somewhere safe, then i can't find it. Last thing I did that to was the Bjorn Wreckstrom ring my mother gave me, I nearly made myself sick with worry. Then luckily found it, somewhere ridiculous

christina said...

hi tabitha! id love to write you a letter! ive been doing it for years since most of friends are spread out all over the world. although i never seem to get any back... but if you promise to write back... :)

email me your address (cjforman@gmail.com)

tabitha said...

of course I will write back, creating pretty letters is just as fun as getting them :)

green ink said...

I'd love to write you a letter! Please do email me your address (philippamoore{at}yahoo{dot}com)

I wrote a letter to myself age 16 to open when I was 26...just before that birthday I was packing up my possessions to leave for my big overseas trek and I found it. I took it with me on my travels, and opened it in a cafe in Vancouver, on my 26th birthday. It was a very bittersweet moment as I heard the naivety and hopefulness in my sixteen-year-old words, forecasting things that hadn't come to pass, and some that (unfortunately) had.

I do hope you find your letter.


Lol said...

Hand written letters make much greater connections, you get to touch paper that someone else has worked upon, possibly hundreds, even thousands of miles away! I'd love to write to you too. I think I need to see Bright Star for some letter-loving.

It's a shame people rely so much on emails, they're no way near as fun. But they do mean you can email your address for letter writing to begin! :D


Laura x

Milly said...


I have recently started writing letters to people, if you'd like one email me your address :) (I use my old typewriter, it's so much fun!)



missmillward at gmail dot com