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Water colour/ collage, shapes

These are a variety of work, with a similar feel of colour and shape. I really like this style, especially the work of James Gulliver Hancock

Above, Some stunning works by James Gulliver Hancock, a very talented Aussie, that we should keep an eye on. And now I know how did the Lenka cover and the ABC ad. Both of which caught my attention.

The background for boompa

System classification from cake work shop

Sunny afternoon from cake work shop

Sampler Limited Edition, by Betsy Walton

Paper Airplanes by Betsy Walton

I love these styles. A mix of collage and water colour. Gorgeous colours, and beautiful shapes.


Vanessa said...

I love James's work and I just discovered cakework shops work yesterday! Julia Pott is another artist with a similar "relaxed" style that I love.

tabitha said...

I love Julia Pott's work too :)