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Wonderful whimsical things

Im on holidays for two weeks, so I might get to do a bit more blogging, even though I have a mega long list of things to do, including stocking my shop, coming up with some new designs (yes, there are exciting new things install) and I have a huge consignment order to fill.

I just thought I'd share a few things I recently came across which I rather like and find inspiring:

Vintage inspired gift card envelope from Autumn to may. Her shop is full of lovely whimsical things.

Sushipot Large Pattern Tags , these are a cool idea, and would be great for collage. Sushipot sells lots of awesome vintage bits and pieces.

Hand embroidered silk purse, so pretty and unique from Contemporary Stitches

a mixed media brooch by Cathy Cullis. She does lovely textile and mixed media works.

Gorgeous spoons from Magie Hollingworth, her work is just beautiful! Im in love with these spoons.

big city daze, a whimsical collage by Corid

Thnigs that you count, pills a sweet little notebook by art school girl

And I just randomly added in a pic of a typewritter, because I have a thing for them at the moment, well arnt they such lovely things? Makes me wish we didn't throw ours out years ago. Perhaps I'll do a post of typewritter related things later :)

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truth.be.told said...

i love those tags, gorgeous find. i mentioned you in my blog about new stuff at leeloo too, hope you don't mind!