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(photo taken by me, in enmore, near my tafe/collage)

On my walk to college I go past a lot of old worn down terrace homes. And even though they are worn and the paint is peeling, there is something really lovely about them, and there is so much more detail put into these homes than modern homes. Walking past them makes me think, houses are rather cool, so here are a few house inspired works I have come across:

Purse Chez Paris Le Sac $55.55 from fallinstyle

House watercolour - Original drawing, $42 from alphabets

Home -print, $20 by Katrine K

Four little houses, $25 by art quirk ( she does heaps of house paintings, you really must see!)

Photo by yyellowbird she takes some amazing photos of old abandoned homes too, so take a good look at her flickr page, its amazing!

House coin purse, $10 from boqinana