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A mighty egg-tastic mega blog post!

Last month i did a post on easter bunnies but now that easter is only a week away I thought I'd do a mega egg-tastic post.

This morning my mum made these gorgeous little egg nests (totally edible) from shredded wheat with very cute chocolate speckled eggs.

Now for some handmade eggy goodness!


Egg Pendants from Miss Fickle Media


Egg Applique Pocket Clutch from Mosey Handmade


Beautiful speckled egg pack from Brandy Wine


Vintage egg tag from Blue Bird Lane

And some egg- themed art :)


Breakfast by Blaze Danielle


Inspired nesting by Ground Work

And some eggy decorations (flikr finds):

lovely table setting from yvestown

the two above are from moline

from she like cute


Ivy said...

Lovely photos, lovely items...Happy Easter to you all!

Kate said...

chocolate eggs that is, thats the only way you'll get me to eat shredded wheat.

mosey handmade said...

thanks for including my egg clutch amoung all the other egg beauties!
~lovely blog!!

ElegantSnobbery said...

Eggtastic indeed! What gorgeous little birds nests your mum made! I could never eat them, though. Too pretty!!

herana said...

It is so lucky that i come here accidently, the aundant resources makes me excited,thank you!
By Jordan Sneaker

New Jordans said...

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