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Pack it up! the arty way

Packaging is one of those things I find a great joy in. When I was in high school i would always wrap my friends presents up all fancy, they loved it. I would even decorate envelopes for cards. And last Christmas I wrapped everyones gifts all arty in brown paper with stitches, sketches and fabric, and typography. And I LOVE it when people wrap things pretty, its a shame to have to open it, but it makes giving a receiving gifts even more fun. So as Christmas approaches and sales increase I thought I'd take a look at some fun packing ideas.
Most of these came off flickr from etsy sellers.

This is really cute, I love using lace or fabric a but of textile adds great texture. I also like the way the type looks like its been done on a typewriter.

I like the use of pinking shears on the edges and they way they have stitched fabric together. Sewing on paper is fun and it look so cool!

This is a professional box, I love the use of cut outs, type and illustration.

More little sketches and hand writing.

This is a great way to send off a parcel. with an illustration on the pack. When my mum and dad where dating my mum used to do little water colour illustrations on envelops with notes to my dad.

This is simple but cute, especially the stitching, who needs glue when u can stitch
More stitches, but this time with ribbons and buttons, very sweet.

And finally, this one is awesome, using old images and hand written text. a package fit for a queen.

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