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Ice cream man

Aww isn't he cute. I came across another indie shop today called 'BettyJoy'. This little dude caught my eye. What made me laugh though was the description

'Eat your heart out Mr Whippy! Check out this cute tote bag with the cute smiley ice cream man! He even has sprinkles on his little head!! A tote-ally cool bag for all occasions - put all your goodies in for a pic nic, take to the beach this summer, for your college work or for your weekly shop - and its re-usable too. By Gemma Correll.'

I thought rather funny, seeing as I actually work at Mr. Whippy. (Ive linked it to a picture of the actual store I work at, hehe)

Anyway, after finding my little ice cream man i decided to see what else Gemma does. Here is some of her cool art I found.

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