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TABITHA EMMA HAS MOVED, you can now find me at

Sydney designer, illustrator and collector.



Everyone loves doilies! Click images for links :)

You may or may not have noticed I havn't been blogging so much just recently, I have been rather busy with freelance jobs, including these two blog, I hope you like them Two Queen Bee Confiserie and Brooke Johnston Design. I have been hoping to update my own blog and , but as of yet time is something I lack.


Online RSA said...

Well we'll be waiting for your updates how ever infrequent they may be :) love the doilies by the way, I think they need to make a comeback!

Mallory said...

Both of those blogs look awesome - nice job! Also - I love doilies.... a brightly colored one would be awesome. My grandmother used to make her own. I wish I had learned how to.

renee anne said...

um. hello awesome blog design skillzzz.

and that first images is just divine!


Lex said...

It felt like I just went to church yesterday and now I just came back from church. Then, tomorrow will be August 2 and I'm behind from all the work.

Time sure flies by so fast. Like a blur.