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owl barn




Love owls? who doesn't?? Well today I came across a rather cool little blog full of all things owly, My Owl Barn. The gorgeous purse at the top is from Anthropologie, a shop I swoon over from a distant, if only there was one in Australia!!, but then perhaps its a good thing there isn't or I'd have no more money. The middle pic is from the rather well known Goldfrapp shoot, by Serge Leblon. (I'm sure you have seen it before, but can't hurt to see it again.. and again) And the last shot is a rather awesome wedding cake! I want to make one! hmmm birthday cake??


Laura said...

thats the cutest purse ever!!!

Away with the fairy's said...

I love that Goldfrapp shoot! so lovely and the cake! :D


Lightning Heart said...

ohh that purse is adorable!