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While doing a bit of googling, I happened upon this rather lovely blog, Made by Joel, by a stay at home dad and artist, who creates fun toys and projects with his kids, using materials found at home. He is also currently working on a kids craft book with the same publisher as the above, Amanda Blake books . I think its a really wonderful idea, creating toys and having fun, just using found objects, rather than consuming plastic mass produced, expensive toys. It reminds me of my childhood, copying the crafts off Playschool (a kids tv show, for the non-aussies) . Its really quite eco-friendly and these kids seem to be having a great time, its probably good for their creativity too.
I hope that if I ever have children, I could do the same with them.


my bat lightning heart said...

so so cute!
Love it!

Ecologic Storyteller said...

Beautiful ideas! The drawings with collages gave am idea to make stationery, maybe I should try it as sooner as I could or it will vanish!