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The gorgeous work of Stefanie Berks, found on Doodlers Anonymous.

Sorry I have been a bit absent this week, my precious laptop was acting up, I had to take it to the mac store to get fixed, which will take about a week, I feel really lost without it as its my main computer. I'm trying to work on my PC now, which isnt easy, as I dont have a lot on it.
So bare with me :)

Oh and while you are here, check out this tattoo a lady got, using one of my artworks!!


renee anne said...

OMG!!!! amazing tattoo! that must feel super weird to know someone is walking around with your art on them. nice work!

Lulu said...

that's an amaaazing tattoo!


green ink said...

That tattoo is AMAZING!!

What a compliment to you and your work that someone wants it to be a part of themselves forever.

Aima Kessy said...

Lovely find :)) Oooh the tattoo is SUPER!

Cassandra Marie said...

Ugh a broken computer is the worst :-/ Hope you get it back soon!

By the way, I'm hosting a giveaway you might be interested in entering :) Here's the link in case you pop on over and check it out!



tabitha said...

yeah its a pretty awesome compliment :)

jasmoon-butterfly said...


pictures eat people said...

that's beautiful! thanks for sharing!