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Discovered these awesome old photos of me rollerskating back in '97. Taken on my parents old film SLR cameras, I just think they sum up the 90s quite perfectly. Thirteen years later, and I still love roller skating, except maybe without the helmet and knee pads.


Al said...

such cool photos!!

green ink said...

I keep thinking to myself, "97 wasn't that long ago"...but yes, yes it was.

My parents have loads of photos of my sisters and I along similar lines. Oh the fashion, the hair...scary! :)

Tiffany said...

awwee! such pretty photos!
and yes! omg! 97 does seem like so long ago!

tabitha said...

i know, how fast time goes! yeah the fashion was pretty crazy

rejenerate said...

Bah ha ha! Awesome :)

Kerry said...

Wow! They are so cool! I remember rollerskating in the 90s... good memories. I have been meaning to get some rollerblades and start skating again... I think I just might do that!

renee anne said...

geez, you were not kidding when you said you found some amazing photos from 97'

sorry it feels like I have been a stranger. I can't read your blog at work (images don't work), so I am having a tabitha emma festival right now.


tabitha said...

haha, yeah im glad my parents were into photography, as they took lots of nice pics when we were growing up, using film slr's.