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Tram shed


I discovered this amazing old tram shed in Glebe (Sydney) behind the Harris Park Raceway. Its an incredible old building, and a piece of Sydney heritage. It's a huge shed containing old run down trams. The place is falling apart and full of graffiti, it has a real urban grungy feel to it.
Though sadly according to the local paper they plan to turn the place into a shopping centre.See more photos on my flickr page.


Anonymous said...

wow...what a great find and how sad it will become a shopping centre. It looks like it would be a great location for fashion shows/shoots, gigs and exhibitions.

blue eyed night owl said...

I love the pictures you took! And how great you ran into that place before it was gone.

tabitha said...

i know, i cant believe they are going to ruin it, it should be heritage listed! haha. its actually not far from where i live (only down the road) seems crazy it took me so long to find it, but it is kind of hidden away.

♥ deciphertheday said...

oh what an awesome find tabitha! Sydney is full of treasures like this...maybe we should start a protest! Was great to speak to you at the exhibition :-) Have you sent your portfolio out yet? :-) They'd be crazy not to snap up your talent!

tabitha said...

Well the council asked people what they wanted to do with the area, only to ignore them and decided to out high density housing next to it, and turn the shed into shops. so typical..
yeah it was good to have a chat :) havnt sent my folio yet, still trying to work on some new stuff.

SexyNinjaMonkey said...

I am dying to go there for a shoot. Only discovered it existed a week or two ago. Great shots though.

tabitha said...

Cheers, defiantly get yourself down there before they knock it down