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Reaching out

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Due to my current status of unemployment, and the wonderful event of blogspot instituting pages. I decided it was time to advertise to the world my design services. So I have created a new page on my blog which shows what services I offer and a sample of my work. If you want to see more of my work, you can visit my website. For quotes or to discuss ideas feel free to email me.
Oh and if you know anyone in Sydney looking for a junior designer, kindly push them in my direction.
Thanks ♥


Soné said...

hi my dear! i soooo now what you meen by getting a junior design job! i am currently looking in new zealand and it feels like a never ending search! I can recomend visiting seek.co.nz and look under ausi! You might be suprized! Good luck! I think i might have seen a design job there the other day! have a look my dear!

take care

tabitha said...

Thanks Polli,
Yeah its not easy finding work, I've been looking on the aussie seek. but so many jobs want ppl with experience.
good luck with your search too.

cheers :)