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bathed in glitter




The reality of glitter is, that it gets in your hair, your eyes, your bed, your dinner and is sometimes referred to as the herpes of the craft world. But these beautiful images, taken on film, by Mary Robinson (who is only 16), take us back to those carefree, magical days of being 4 years old and wanting to dress up as a fairy or princess and cover our worlds with glitter. You can see more from this series on her blog or visit her flickr page.


Soné said...

Hi Tabitha Emma!
Wow sooo happy I decided to visit your blog! It's amazing!!! Your one of the favourites on the list from now on! Love the portfolio and your etsy! I am a graphic designer as well! :)


tabitha said...

Oh thank you! I recently started following your blog, its gorgeous :)

Al said...

gorgeous pics- but image cleaning up after the shoot! EEEK!

tabitha said...

oh yes, i wouldnt want to be the one to clean that bath tub

suzannah said...

oh, this is so beautiful <3

Kim Bishop said...

I love these! Glitter is so messy that's why I usually just keep it to nail polish even though it's resistant to leave even then.