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How do you store your fabric?


image from polanoid

I have heaps of fabric, and lots of small scrappy pieces and I need to find a good way to store it all, considering I don't have a lot of space, and it needs to be kept air tight, as our house has high moisture levels. So how do you store your fabric? any suggestions?


Kirrily said...

I have an old tubular steel bunk bed base standing up against the wall in my studio and have fabric hung on that!



Amanda said...

What about storing it in space bags or zip-lock bags hung with clip coat hangers...?

Erin @ SYL: Slipcover Your Life said...

I'm the worse... I jam it all in to shopping bags and put it on the top shelf in my closet... Def not organized!

Charlotte said...

I keep mine in an old wooden chest my nan gave me...those clear plastic chest of drawers things you can get are quite good too as you can see what fabric is in each drawer so you don't have to spend forever hunting for it, plus they don't take up much floor space!

tabitha said...

kirrily-- that looks amazing kirrily, sadly i have way too much to pull off such a nice display.

Amanda-- I used to have them in hanging shelves at my old house, but where i currently live, there is no spare hanging space, i need something that can go on the floor.

Erin- lol, welll currently mine are in cardboard boxes, which just end up a mess when im trying to find a fabric.

Charlotte- that sounds good, draws of some sort might work well.

perhaps this calls for a trip to howards storage world or ikea

sophiehillartist said...

I place all my pieces in zip-lock bags and then in plastic crates and store it in the spare wardrobe... have done this for about two years now and have not lost one piece of fabric to moisture! (Not the prettiest way of storing yet it works... and it is out of sight in the wardrobe!)