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The amazing independent artist community.


The support and encouragement of the independent artist community never ceases to amaze me.
I got this gorgeous letter and original artwork form Chrissy Lau on Saturday. Which was a wonderful surprise, as I wasn't expecting Saturday mail.

And I have been greatly encouraged by the support regarding this matter. It is good to know there is such a strong , friendly community, working together. you guys are awesome!


art4friends said...

thinking of you lovely.
gorgeous drawing you have there!!! ;)

Madelynn Holmes said...

thats horrible! you did an amazing job on the poster and helping out with the exhibition and it's just wrong how big name brands think they can just walk all over it!! but it really is to their own defeat as so many people will be turned off AH stores.
just remember you are awesome and your design work is really great and no one cant steal that from you! :) :)

oh, and how lovely is chrissy, we are very lucky to receive mail from her!

x maddy

Alex Louisa said...

I knew I hadn't bothered changing the default ninemsn homepage on my computer for a reason ;)

So glad to see that "Once Upon" is being put under the spotlight. And I hope there is a decent outcome from all of this, AND I hope the lazy 'designer' gets shredded. Gosh, don't they do copyright/reference checks on designs? There's someone that does that at my work all day every day, you'd think Allanah Hill could manage to hire someone for the same purpose... It's just rotten.

(And I second Renee: Gorgeous drawing you have there, and I do like the balloons in your next post too!!)

jessie said...

i'm so glad that there has had some resolution for you, it's just so unbelievable and completely lazy!!

tabitha said...

thanks everyone for the support, u are all amazing!! :)