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Once Upon photos




Some lovely photos of the 'Once Upon' opening night, taken by my talented photographer friend Jason de Plater.
The first two pics are of me, the first one is me with my artwork, and the bottom picture is people mingling outside the gallery.


Dawn Tan said...

The photos are lovely! Can't wait to see more of them! : ) I loved your pieces by the way! Sorry I didn't get to say hi to you the other night!

art4friends said...


photos are FANTASTIC!

oh boo to professional photographers and making things look so awesome.

oh wait, it was pretty awesome hey! hahaha


also in reply to your comment to me ::
tabitha:: yup, so I am not the only one!! I think a lot of people lose out with this... hmmmm.. but still lots of pretty things :(

tabitha said...

thank u dawn, your work was beautiful too :)

Bec Winnel said...

You artworks look beautiful. Such a lovely colour palette you used! XO

tabitha said...

aww thanks Bec :) Your work was absolutely gorgeous!! so detailed and beautiful