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Forth Thread

I have recently been working doing some collaborative work with a friend of mine from Tafe. Dreaming of becoming more involved in the design/ art community and wanting to create something of our own we decided to embarke on creating our own zine to featuring emerging talent and drawing knowledge from well experienced creatives.
We have just launched our website, which was a much bigger task than originally anticipated.. code is hard work. But we are now ready to roll and we are open for submissions and keen to get talented creative people involved.

So.. If you are an emerging artist/ designer looking for exposure submit your work!

If you have an art or design related business and are interested in advertising with us or supporting us in some way you can see our advertsing page or downaload our media kit.

We are also looking for bloggers to swap links with, so if you are interested please contact

Also any advise or tips PLEASE share.

Dont forget to follow us on twitter and facebook for updates

Thanks :)


Rebecca said...

from a web design point of view, there's 2 little problems I see.
1 - the splash page. lose it. I see the tracker in the code, so I know why it's there. the downside is that people are lazy and easily diverted - unless you have a super-amazing splash page you lose traffic to the meat of the site. people see "enter" and decide it's a first timer web designers project and not worth clicking through to. harsh, but true.
2 - your advertising spots kind of overwhelm your content (visually). it's a good idea, living it up with the edge of the contact button. maybe try the middle of the contact button instead.

from a graphic design point of view, it looks pretty damn nice.
1 - my graphic design lecturer had a thing with fonts. his theory was if you're not using different fonts EVERYWHERE, then stick to 2. obviously thats a basic rule of thumb, and rules were made to be broken - your contact page is primo, ace, makes my eyes happy. your contribute page, less so.

you don't have to take my advise, it's well meant because I think it's awesome what you guys are doing (so please don't take offense!). And I daresay you'll see some of my work come your way before the august deadline.

best o luck, cya round :)

tabitha said...

thank you so much Rebecca, we will defiantly take your thoughts into consideration, its been a big learning experience for us, and when u get so involved in something its good to get an outsiders opinion.
We do have plans for a much more exciting splash page, we were going to make some amazing flash thing, but havnt had a chance yet, ill talk to be friend about it.. thanks again :)

Rebecca said...

no worries :) and I can believe it! I look foward to seeing how it develops.

The only other things I can think that might be helpful would be to look at a few articles about sticky websites, and check out dreamweaver (wysiwyg) - although honestly, you're already doing well with the sticky and your code looks pretty clean :)

amanda said...

I found your lovely blog through weloveindie and then i went to your "forth thread". Wow!
It looks fabulous.
I'm no design expert but I do read a lot of blogs and visit a lot of websites and yours is very impressive.
I think it looks fabulous. Great job!

Sam said...

Oooh! Looks interesting Tabitha! Can I submit something for consideration?? I'll go check out the site! Thanks for the link!

tabitha said...

of course you can Sam :) that would be wonderful


It seems to be amazing!
Great blog!!!