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new logo

I decided to create a proper logo type for myself, rather than just using a font, actually creating a logo type. Especially seeing as I am studying graphic design.

I have also made a new banner using it. With a bit of a spring (even though it is summer here)/ valentine feel to it
I'd love some feedback, thanks :)


thea said...

Greetings! I'm a fellow sydney sider who only discovered your AMAAAZING etsy shop today. The first thing I did was admire your gorgeous logo, so when reading here that it's new I have to say THUMBS UP!! Love it! and can't wait to see more of your work!



tabitha said...

Thank you thea :) Nice to meet a fellow Sydney sider. Off to check out your store

Sam said...

I love this Tabitha! You are super talented! It's a bit art nouveau but very 21st Century at the same time - nicely done!!

bianca.stella said...

it's great. love the pictures with it too, at the top of the blog.
would look great as a stamp

tabitha said...

thanks sam and bianca. im really happy with it. hopefully i will stick with this one

Phil said...

this is a great logo! we recently created a new logo for out photography studio and it has some of the same feel, kinda. love it!