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Myspace find- Kaori

I decided to start a new myspace page, as my old one was a mix of business and personal, I decided to make a strictly business page, to showcase and promote my work. Also with the new page editor 2.0, its so much easier to make your page look good, without being a genius at code.
Take a look.

While I was adding friends to my new page, I came across a lot of cool new artists and designers I hadn't seen before. I had forgotten how many cool things you could find on Myspace, if you look in the right places.

I thought I'd feature some of these people, who don't necessarily sell on etsy.

Today I'm going to share with you Kaori. A girl from Tokyo, who makes cute, quirky animal inspired pieces.
Including these quirky, yet adorable little kitties.


wendy said...

Adorable brooch:)

Sam said...

These kitty cat brooches are cute stuff! Well spotted! You have a good eye for the unique and sweet!