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Today's advent number was created by the lovely Scottish, Katy of Girl Industries. Katy made her number out of an old handbag that had broken. An amazing example of upcycling. Which is a really cool, growing trend.

I chose to feature these adorable lavender cat sachets. They are so adorable and made with beautiful floral Marks and Spencer cotton.

Katy also made some matching Christmas (or for any occasion) decorations from her old handbag, and is selling them in her store .

She is also having some special offers;

'In honour of featuring on your blog, I'm going to do free shipping to Australia from tomorrow to Christmas as I've never had a customer (or a blog reader) in the Southern Hemisphere yet and want to get that sorted out.
I'll also be doing a two for one deal from Boxing Day to the end of the year to clear out old stock and replace with new stock.'

So its worth a look :)

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Girl_Industries said...

Thanks for featuring me!