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Sydney designer, illustrator and collector.


My Website

Well I have FINALLY finished my website. I still need to upload all my portfolio stuff, but in an essence it is complete and no longer half under construction. A BIG FAT CHOCOLATY THANK YOU to ben (my brother), i know you read this! for doing all the hard work of coding it :)

Any feed back appreciated :) , as there is a chance it may not run the same on all computers/ browsers.


boxofglory said...

Your website is really sweet! I love the layout :)

Ali J said...


you might want to put in a link to the website. :)

my suggestions though (cause I found the website after a bit of searching) is to make sure all your information fits into your boxes. one of the words cuts out on your info page.

Also, I'm not sure why but I'm on firefox and it takes ages for the images & pages to load.

Otherwise it looks great! Totally suits your branding. :)

Ali J said...
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tabitha said...

thanks. sorry about the link thing, I seriously added a link but it somehow unlinked itself, blogspot is wierd.. anyway I fixed it now :) I know its a tad slow, but its because I'm using a free web host, when i have more money ill pay for a proper space so its faster.. and ill pester my bro about the type spilling over.

thanks for the feedback :)

emilia said...

I have seen your magnificent creations and I have afforded to copy. I have made the cottages that I will post' in my blog. I hope you are not sorry. You have indeed imagination and talent. Hi