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FREE awesome fonts

Want to know where to find really cool free fonts without trawling through free font sites trying to find good ones??

Here are 3 awesome sites where you can get really cool free fonts.

Neo 2 Blog has some really cool, quality fonts for free, grab it while its hot!

Fontstruct, is a site that allows you to build your own font, and you can download fonts other people have made, there are some really good, different fonts. And its a lot of fun to play with making your own.

Misprinted type has a lot of grungy, textured fonts for free, and they make posters to demonstrate how the font can be used. I love this site :)


Anonymous said...

Hey, I was just seeking for some free fonts with style. Thanks for that ;)

Your website/blog are really cute, sometimes i come here just to see the cute things you post but i never have commented before *shame*.

Congratulations for your awesome work, all your handmade things are really cute ^^

tabitha said...

thanks :) im glad the font sites came in handy

Cheeky Beaks said...

Hey there, I also use dafont.com it covers everything.
Nice to see your work on design*sponge and good luck with the move.