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Polariod etc.

Look!! I got my vintage Polaroid camera at last!! It turns out it was sitting up at my post office for a week, some how I missed the first notice from parcel delivery, that is if they ever left it.
Now I need to work out how to use this thing and get some film for it before the film becomes extinct.
I had a look where the film goes and it looks like someone left some old film in the camera, it is obviously really old as the one on top has gone brown and the batteries seem to be dead. But I'm sure I can find a use for dead Polaroid film :)

my other bit of photo fun, is these...
.. last night as I was drifting off to sleep I looked out my window and the moon was bright and shinning through the window. For some reason i thought i'd try take a photo of it, but it just looked like a white speck on black. Then I had an idea! I tried changing the shutter speed on my camera, the longest it can do is 4 seconds so I went with that, and had a play with shots of the moon and the lights outside from neighbors houses. it was actually quite fun. So much for going to sleep..
The first shot is the moon, the rest are house and street lights.

On the subject of photos and Polaroid... here are a few of my favourite Polaroid images sold on etsy.

Empire state building- Futurowoman fotographie

History of Gay Polaroid transfer- Ribsmalone

Tell me a secret- Alicia Bock

Cyclone in Coney Island - She hit pause studios

Flight of the cubical riders- Bottle rack photo