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High socks

Right now im loving... knee/ thigh high socks. I bought two pairs recently, black and grey.
When some people think of knee/ thigh high socks they think of the Asian school girl look with the high white socks. But not me...

This is my black pair worn over red stockings (and yes the typewriter is relevant, haha, ok maybe not)

untitled by lenaah

Sock dreams by long sock addict
'Knee socks' by Bnittoli
Plum Jam on style mob

Knee Highs Volume II by Reldom

Ohlately by yyellowbird


boxofglory said...

That's a cute pic of you. I love the matching hat/stockings, very coordinated :)

My favourites are those bright green ones!

thetinylittlegirl said...

you look gorgeous. i'm a huge fan of long socks too, i have a couple of houndstooth pairs!

tabitha said...

thanks :)

carina said...
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carina said...

this reminds me of high school & cold cold winter days not being allowed to wear pants - so out came the long long socks! so warm!

Mirthe said...

Very nice! I adore knee-socks!