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Eiffel tower purse

I caught a glimpse of a still from the new Sex in the City movie. And was instantly caught by the bag in the picture.. why is that an Eiffel tower bag?? AWESOME!!

And I was right. This bag is by Timmy Woods
its $450! he also designs many other novelty bags. What a hero!
or if you have $3000 to spare, why not a crystal studded Eiffel tower. There is something a little tacky about it, but I can't help but love it.


cs said...

I saw this bag a while ago and fell in love at first sight, but after going for a browse of his website wondered if i was just being swayed by the fact sjp was carrying it. I hope i wouldn't be swooning if they had opted to have her carrying one of the bags that resembles a dog or a horse in a tuxedo.

Fifi Flowers said...

Nordstrom has the un-crystaled one for 415.00... save a few dollars for cosmos! I came very close to buying it... but nah... I think I will have my hubby carve one out of wood and I will paint it myself... maybe in another colour!

Sophie Appleby said...

Oh I am in love! What more could you want in the world!