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I don't normally blog about technology, but it excites me seeing the new things coming out . And growing up an era of ever changing technology and seeing the boom of the computer and internet , im always keen to see whats next.
Lately I keep hearing about holograms. Its something we hear about in Sci-fi films and although the technology is still very much in its early stages it does seem to be gaining interest.
First up, Bill Gates addressed a 400-person audience at the World Congress of Information 2008 in Kuala Lumpur, which is nothing unusual except for the way he did it: he appeared using a 15.1-foot holographic projection. The audience were pretty impressed.

Then on the news last night, we hear about Dr Bradlow's life-sized, real-time hologram walking, talking and interacing with business executives at an Adelaide Telstra conference while he stood in front of cameras in Telstra's Melbourne office.

Cameras and microphones in Adelaide allowed Dr Bradlow to see and hear his subjects from 725kms away as his audience watched his high definition image projected onto a transparent screen or "foil".

He looks a bit 2D, but still kinda cool.

It does seem a little bit 'whats the point? other than to show off' , but its been said companies wanting to reduce carbon emissions could replace business flights with live broadcasts. So it could be an aspect of an eco-friendly future.

It would mean people wouldn't have to travel as much. It seems the more technology we have the less reasons we have to leave our home. We'll all be hermits before we know it.

Then this morning, this showed up on a blog in my google reader. It's 'The Cup'. The designers envision a cup that literally pours information in waves of holographic images for your daily consumption. Have a big creative meeting? Then spill your thoughts onto the conference table.

So could things like this change the way we as designers work? Will we present portfolios and show clients ideas by puring holograms on the desk?

What about art and design? Could this be a new medium to consider? Like have holographic art around the house. Or designing holographic ads, pets (i did see a holographic pet on a show about future technologies once), interfaces?

Something to think about...

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