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Secrets and lost words

You have probably heard of post secret before, its an ongoing community art project where people mail
in their secrets anonymously on one side of a homemade postcard. There is something lovely about hand written and collaged writing, people sharing personal thoughts through art and typography, something you can never achieve with an email. I collect all the notes my friends wrote to me in primary school when we'd hand write it and draw little pictures. And if you have kids im sure you keep their handmade notes and art. Its priceless.
So if you havnt already subscribe to the sunday secrets.

Another interesting site is found magazine, where people submit notes or photos they have found lying around.

These would make great collage material! Maybe I'll have to scan some old letters and notes of my own and utilize them.

Or do what restless things did to this old envelope! (time to start digging through the bin!)


Anonymous said...

See Please Here

Alyssa Elza said...

You've been tagged! Check out my blog and you'll understand what I mean:) Let's keep this going! Thanks.